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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is an area of specialization that goes a step beyond general dentistry services by focusing on ways to improve the appearance of your smile. While all general dentists provide services such as dental fillings and crowns, a cosmetic dentist has undergone extended education and training to learn how to do so in a way that enhances your smile. As you explore your treatment options, you can use this guide to understand the reasons and benefits for why you need to choose a cosmetic dentist to care for your oral health.

Common Problems Corrected With Cosmetic Dentistry

In general dentistry, the majority of the focus is on improving the functioning and health of your mouth. Cosmetic dentistry, however, does these things while also including services that correct aesthetic issues. For instance, teeth that are different sizes or that have large gaps in between may cause you embarrassment. You may also wish that your teeth were whiter or did not have such unsightly stains. In some cases, you may need fillings or crowns in a visible part of your smile, and you may naturally worry about how these may affect your appearance. Cosmetic dentists know how to artistically plan each part of your treatment so that dental restorations blend in with the rest of your natural teeth.

Benefits of Improving the Aesthetics of Your Smile

You should always be eager to show your smile, and a set of beautiful white teeth makes you appear more confident and attractive to others. While cosmetic dentistry helps you achieve the perfect smile, it also provides benefits that extend to your overall oral health. For example, correcting gaps between your teeth allows you to clean them better, and repairing embarrassing chips strengthens your teeth so that they are less likely to break. Many cosmetic dentistry services also help to restore proper functioning so that you can speak and chew your food properly. For example, tooth replacement options such as dentures or bridges fill in gaps that make it hard to eat.

Types of Services Cosmetic Dentists Provide

Cosmetic dentists are capable of performing a variety of different services that all help to improve your smile. In addition to providing traditional metal tooth restorations, your cosmetic dentist can give you composite, or white colored, fillings. These fillings are less noticeable than other types, and you may prefer this option if you need dental work on your front teeth.

Dental bonding is a service that is similar to having a tooth filled. However, the cosmetic dentist places the bonding material over the entire front of the tooth to cover up stains that do not come up with traditional teeth whitening. In some instances, dental bonding can also be used to repair a chip on your tooth in a way that is virtually undetectable.

Teeth whitening is another one of the most popular services that cosmetic dentists perform. Professional teeth whitening is safer than over-the-counter products, and it is more effective at giving the shade of white that you desire. In most cases, you can be in and out of the dentist’s office within an hour, and the results are long lasting provided that you follow a few simple after care instructions.

Sometimes, your smile needs more than just a few touch ups. Cosmetic dentists provide tooth restoration and replacement services that correct major problems in your mouth. For instance, dental crowns can be used to strengthen a tooth after a root canal and prevent you from having it extracted. Your cosmetic dentist can also provide you with dentures, bridges or dental implants to give you a full set of teeth after an extraction.

How to Get Started With Smile Enhancement

When you want a more beautiful smile, your first step is to schedule your initial appointment. During this appointment, you get to meet your dentist. They will also do an exam to talk to you about what bothers you about your smile. Once they have identified the problem areas, they can recommend a treatment plan to correct each issue so that you can smile bright again.

Your dental treatment should always leave your smile better than it was before. Whether you need a dental crown or just prefer whiter teeth, cosmetic dentistry has all of the services that you need to be happy with your smile, learn more about our services. Also see some of the different types of cosmetic dentistry.