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Your Comfort Is Their Concern

There’s no reason to feel anxious about an upcoming dental appointment. Thanks to the decidedly developed technology in the field things like high speed radiology, oral cameras and sedation dentistry have taken the dread out of going to the dentist. Many procedures can now be done with little or no local anesthetic and the time you will actually spend in the chair has been minimized. However, if you are still experiencing some level of stress about the thought of having a dental procedure there are some simple ways to reduce your stress.

Let them know. The dental staff is there to make you feel at ease. If your dentist and hygienist are aware of your anxiety they can ease your mind by asking how you’re doing at intervals during the treatment and assuring you that a “timeout” is ok if you need it.

If your confidence is high going in you are more likely to have a comfortable dental experience. Get recommendations from family members or trusted friends who have good things to say about their own experience with the dentist you are seeing.

Avoid sugary soda or caffeinated drinks of any kind right before your appointment, the boost of energy will only serve to agitate your nerves.

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