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Having a front tooth knocked out is a genuine emergency. If you should be on the scene of such a traumatic situation it’s important to know what to do. If you can find the tooth it may be possible for the dentist to put it back in place. Only handle the tooth by its crown, avoid touching the root while you rinse any dirt away. The victim can bite down on a cloth placed between the socket and the tooth to hold it firmly until you can get him to the dentist. If that doesn’t work put the tooth in a container of milk, not water, for transport. Call the dentist’s office to let them know what has happened and that you are on the way in.

If the dentist sees it to be a feasible option he will try to secure the tooth into its original position and caution the patient to keep from biting down on it. It may take a few days to see if the replacement process is taking. If it isn’t successful there are other options.

It’s important to find a method of restoration soon. Missing a front tooth can have a serious impact on someone’s sense of self-confidence. That lack can go so far as to keep him from going on with his daily life routine both socially and in the workplace. A dental implant is highly recommended as a procedure for the replacement of a front tooth.

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