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Regular Updates Insure Current Information

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Besides the fact that every dental practice is officially required to record and maintain patient files dentists want to keep these records up to date so that they can provide safe and successful treatment for each and every patient. Every file contains a dental history including treatment procedures, examinations, x-ray technology and more. Medical data is essential to avoid any allergic reactions or dangerous drug interactions. Any medications prescribed by the dentist will be noted in the patient’s file along with the date and dosage.

The patient files will be updated at regular intervals to make sure that all the information is correct and that any changes have been indicated. This is especially important where prescription or over the counter medications are concerned. Emergency contact information including names, addresses, and phone numbers are also included in the file. Insurance and payment arrangements are kept separately from the basic patient file. It may save time and avoid confusion if you could make a list of medications and the name and address of your physician to bring with you to the appointment.

By sticking to an advised routine of home care and seeing your dental professionals on a regular schedule you can ensure your good dental health for years to come. Make that appointment with Dr. Charles Fana of Compass Dental. Call today @ 912-417-3201 in Savannah, GA.