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Patient Consideration Is The Best Amenity

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More isn’t necessarily better but it may well be the case where dental office amenities are concerned. Most patients are a little nervous about going to the dentist in the first place, especially if they suspect that they may have a cavity or the beginnings of gum disease, for instance. They may have had to make changes in their workplace schedule or hurried across town to make it to their appointment on time. Pleasant surroundings and a friendly greeting will go a long way in putting patients at ease.

Every dentist strives to create an amicable office environment where patients can relax and catch their breath before an exam or dental procedure begins. Little extras can actually make a big difference. A television in the outer office may sound like a good idea at first thought. Dentist have found, however, that unless the set is tuned to images of something like an idyllic landscape or serene ocean waves the effect may cause more anxiety than peace of mind. They found travel or gardening magazines to be the better choice – current issues, of course.

Customer service is by far the most important amenity that a dentist can offer his patients. Time is a valued commodity in today’s world. Office staffers who are willing to go out of their way to accommodate the patient’s busy lifestyle will truly be appreciated.

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