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Accepting New Patients

Patient Concerns Take Precedence

Among the top priorities for people who are trying to find a permanent dental home for themselves or their family members will be the credentials of the dental professionals, their experience and the patient reviews of the practice. The efficiency of the office staff however, will also count for a lot.

People are busy. They’re trying to juggle school, work and social obligations so that everyone can be accommodated. Anything that can make the job easier will be greatly appreciated. If the scheduling staff of a dental practice can help in some small way, kudos to them.

It’s all a matter of consideration on the part of the staff members. Those who are committed to making the day’s appointment schedule run as smoothly as possible for the patients and professionals alike will succeed in make the dental experience a pleasant one.

The first impression of a dental practice is often made when the patient walks through the office door. A warm welcome and a peaceful ambiance can mean a lot to someone who has fought through heavy traffic for example, to get to their appointment on time. Now they need a little breather before the dental procedure gets underway. A savvy scheduler will have allowed enough time for the patient to relax and maybe have a cup of coffee or tea before time to meet the dentist or hygienist.

“The entire office gets five stars….”, a quote taken from the patient review page on the website www.drfanadentistry. Browse the entire site to find more about Dr. Charles Fana and Compass Dental.