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Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

Oral dental sedation has made a huge difference in the field of modern dentistry. People who have neglected their oral health because of an overwhelming fear of having a painful experience or the prospect of having to go through a series of time consuming dental appointments can now put those issues to rest.

No one wants to feel the vulnerability that comes with being sedated to the point of losing consciousness or the ability to make their voices heard at any time. The dental experience in and of itself can be a bit intimidating in that the patient may feel totally at the mercy of the dentist or hygienist who is performing the procedure. Conscious sedation however, lets the patient relax in the environment and serves to relieve any anxiety he may be feeling.

A pre procedure consultation with your dentist will determine your specific needs and expectations. Bring a copy of your medical history and a list of any medications you are taking to this meeting. Your dentist may ask about alcohol consumption or tobacco use that may influence the effectiveness of the sedative you will be given.

If you feel the need your dentist can prescribe a mild sedation to be taken the night before your scheduled procedure just to help you get a good night’s sleep and be ready for your appointment.

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