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If you have chipped a tooth don’t delay, have it fixed asap in order to avoid further injury. When you see your dentist he will evaluate the extent of the damage done and outline the recommended treatment option. A porcelain onlay is one alternative.

An onlay is used when the damage is less extensive and a crown may not be necessary. A dental crown fits over the entire tooth while an onlay only covers the part of the tooth that has been impaired leaving more of the natural structure in place. Seeing that an onlay doesn’t reach to the gumline the odds for sensitivity lessen. It is also easier to clean between the border of the onlay and the natural tooth to protect from cavity causing bacteria.

When an onlay is the chosen procedure your dentist will begin by thoroughly cleaning the area and placing a temporary filling. He will then take the impressions that will be used to match the onlay to your tooth. When the onlay is ready your dentist will bond it to your tooth and make sure it fits well and that your bite is comfortable.

Just like any dental restoration an onlay requires home maintenance and regular professional attention. With daily brushing and flossing along with six month checkups and cleanings a dental onlay can last for decades.

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