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Have You Noticed An Increased Sensitivity?

Sensitivity can involve one or more teeth and can be a constant problem or sporadic and only triggered by the exposure to certain sensations like hot or cold. There are specific causes and treatments that your dentist will discuss with you if you have been diagnosed.

Tooth enamel is there to protect the more sensitive layer of dentin that lies just beneath and the pulp which is the nerve center of the tooth. After years of average wear and tear the strength of your tooth enamel may be affected and the inner layers exposed. The more acidic or sugary foods and drinks that were a part of your diet over the years the more your tooth enamel may have been weakened. It’s never too late to improve your eating habits, however.

Other causes for sensitivity can include grinding your teeth, whitening, breakage or chipping and gum recession. If your sensitivity is severe your dentist may recommend a coating of desensitizer that can be applied in the office and to is followed up with a home remedy particular to your needs. Minimal cases may be successfully treated by using an over the counter antibacterial mouthwash or toothpaste.

A healthy diet, home care habits and professional checkups and cleanings can help to eliminate your chances of experiencing tooth sensitivity.

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