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A List of the Most Popular Dental Procedures

Whether a person wishes to improve his or her smile or correct a major problem that affects the teeth or gums, there are many dental procedures that can yield terrific results. Many of these procedures are performed using revolutionary technology to give each patient a better outcome. These five dental procedures are among the most popular.


Not long ago, metal braces were one of the few treatments available for straightening crooked teeth. Nowadays, patients have the option of wearing clear Invisalign trays instead. These aligner trays fit comfortably over teeth to straighten them in a more discreet way to not draw unwanted attention from other people. Trays are customized to fit over each patients’ teeth comfortably. Invisalign trays can also be removed at home for easy cleaning.

Root Canal Procedure

Often referred to as just a root canal, this procedure involves going into the pulp of a tooth to treat any infection or inflammation that may be present. Dead pulp inside a tooth can also cause major problems and can be removed with this procedure. Once the root canal has been treated, a crown or filling is placed over the tooth for protection.

Dental Veneers

Teeth that are chipped or discolored can look better with porcelain or resin dental veneers. These veneers are placed over teeth to improve a person’s smile. Veneers are also effective in hiding gaps in between teeth. Teeth that are uneven in length and size can also be made to look unified with dental veneers. To apply these veneers, a dentist bonds a veneer to each tooth using safe techniques and instruments.

Soft Tissue Grafting

This procedure is sometimes required for patients whose gums have receded because of gum disease. In most cases, tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth and transplanted to areas where gum tissue has been lost. This transplanted tissue can prevent further gum loss and protect the roots of teeth from decaying.

Teeth Whitening

Anyone who wants to brighten their smile can find success with teeth whitening. Many dentist offices have equipment that is capable of whitening teeth quickly and safely. After a whitening gel has been applied to the teeth, a special light can be emitted to work in conjunction with the gel to make teeth several shades whiter. Some patients’ treatments can be completed in less than an hour with dramatic results.

These dental procedures are practical for both health and cosmetic purposes and can improve the lives of patients in many ways. Compass Dental® offers many of these dental procedures, just give us a call to learn more!