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Is There Really A Difference?

If you pressed your dental hygienist for a recommendation odds are that she would acknowledge the extraordinary capabilities of the electric toothbrush. Most dental professionals do.

An electric toothbrush applies an even amount of pressure, you let it do the work as you gently guide it along the surface of your teeth and the bristle heads rotate to reach into those hard to get to places. Most are equipped with an automatic timing device so that you know you’re brushing for the recommended two minutes.

Many models come with a travel case that fits tightly over the toothbrush head so that it can be packed and ready for use at any time. The purchase price often includes replacement heads which can be more expensive if bought separately.

The advantages of using an electric toothbrush over a manual one are especially appropriate to folks who suffer from arthritis or some other condition that can affect their ability to maneuver with their hands and wrists.

Some electric brushes are made just for kids. They come in various shapes and colors, some light up and some play a tune that lasts for you guessed it, a full two minutes! If you can get your kids to look forward to brushing their teeth that’s half the battle, an electric toothbrush can help.

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