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Is It Time To Replace?

If you’ve had a lot of dental fillings you should know that they aren’t expected to last forever but do you know what to look for in determining that it may be time for a replacement?

It is possible for a cavity to develop underneath an old filling. After several years of wear and tear from chewing and the constant exposure to dental plaque, the filling material will eventually diminish, creating a space for cavity-causing bacteria to gather and do damage. Symptoms can include increased sensitivity to heat or cold or the sudden onset of pain around the area of infection.

Silver fillings do contain some trace of toxic mercury which can leak into the body’s system. The consensus of opinion, however, is that the threat would be so minimal that it would be of no consequence but some people still worry about the possible effects and ask to have their silver fillings replaced with a composite resin for their own peace of mind.

If a silver filled tooth is part of your smile you may want to have it replaced for cosmetic purposes. Composite fillings can be naturally colored to match the surrounding healthy teeth. The material can also be used to restore an unshapely tooth.

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