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How to Choose the Best Dentist for Your Family

The dentist is the doctor that most people dread to see. Children scream as the dentist merely tries to brush their teeth with their toothbrush that spins and makes extra noise than their tooth brush at home. Many adults hold onto the sides of the dental chair for dear life as their eyes are glued shut. While going to the dentist may never be a fun doctor to go to, having a thorough, patient, and compassionate dentist makes the trip a little more comfortable.

Tips for Finding a Great Dentist

Take Recommendations from Others

Your greatest source for finding a great dentist is word of mouth from close friends and family. While a website and online reviews can offer insight, you never know the source of the reviews and dentists will also write a well-written biography about themselves to attract patients. Friends and family who have had personal experience are your most reliable source.

Look into the Dentist’s Reputation and Reviews from Patients

While you can only take the information on the internet with a grain salt, the internet is the most convenient way to search for a variety of dentists. Doctor review websites (e.g. Health Grades) displays the dentist’s reputation, education, malpractice history, and reviews from patients. The malpractice history will always be true, but the reviews may be written by the doctor or his staff. When taking a review into consideration, you should see if the review is written by a verified patient. Doctor review sites also list several categories (e.g. staff, bedside manner, clarity, etc.). You should look into each individual category because the staff can easily give a doctor a lower star rating than he or she deserves.

Visit the Office

Visiting the office is always best before making an appointment. You should pay attention to the attitude of the staff and the aura that you get from the environment. An outstanding dentist will make sure his or her staff is reflective of his or her attitudes and philosophies about patient care and that their office makes their patients feel comfortable.

Consider Personal Needs

You need to consider who your health insurance covers, how much money you can put out for a visit, whether you have children, if your children have special needs, if anyone in your family has a certain condition, and any other personal need that will factor into which dentist is right for you. If you have children, it is imperative that you find a dentist that has experience with pediatric dentistry. If your child has special needs that will affect their dentist visit, you will need to a find a dentist that has experience with patients who have those needs. Dentists are not one-size-fits all. The dentist that may be right for your best friend’s family may not be right for yours, and the dentist that may be right for you and your spouse may not be right for your children.

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