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Good oral health is the result of a combined effort. Regularly scheduled professional checkups along with diligent home care will help you to avoid or control oral diseases like caries or gum disease.

Children are most at risk for tooth decay. They have more cavities because their tooth enamel is weaker and their dietary choices are not always the best. Even though adults are less vulnerable, they are not immune to decay. The best preventive for us all is fluoride, it’s actually known as “nature’s cavity fighter.”

Fluoride can be found in some of the foods that we eat and in most drinking water sources. Unless you live in a rural area where your family’s tap water comes from an underground well your community water supply has most likely been treated with fluoride for your protection. You can also find a large selection of toothpaste and mouthwash containing fluoride. Dentists offer sealants and in office fluoride treatments for those of us who need added protection.

Gum disease is more of a threat to the adult population. If the condition is recognized in the early stage of gingivitis it can be reversed. If early symptoms like red or swollen gum tissue are allowed to advance, however, the damage can be permanent. That’s why it’s so important to see your dentist every six months and to be aware of the early signs.

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