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Has Something Changed?

The cause of your tooth sensitivity may be determined in part by the type of pain you are experiencing. Your dentist will ask you to describe your feelings so that he can use what is known as “differential diagnosis” to rule out the possible causes one by one. This process of elimination will lead to the source of your pain.

He may ask for instance, if the pain is concentrated in one tooth or if it is general. If the discomfort centers around an individual tooth it is most likely due to a cavity or some damage to the tooth. If on the other hand, the sensitivity is better defined as being more pervasive your dentist may consider an outside factor as the cause.

Acidity is often the culprit when tooth sensitivity is the issue. A sudden change in diet could certainly have an adverse reaction. Stress is a more indirect likelihood in that it sometimes prompts the habit of grinding or clenching the teeth which can bring on increased sensitivity.

Before you see your dentist make a list of any changes in your lifestyle, your dietary habits or anything else out of the ordinary that may be causing the onset of added sensitivity. A discussion of how and when these changes came about will help your dentist in reaching a diagnosis.

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