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Tooth enamel is the outer coating of our teeth that serves as a type of armor for the underlying layers. The enamel gets its strength from the mineral content which enables it to provide a roadblock to the acids and bacterial plaque that leads to tooth decay. It also insulates the more sensitive parts of our teeth from the effects of the hot and cold foods and drinks that we like to enjoy. Our tooth enamel will begin to de-mineralize over time, we can’t avoid it but we can make every effort to turn it around.

Fluoride is the best re-mineralizing agent that we know of. It can be found in most community drinking water supplies and in many over the counter toothpastes and mouthwashes. Those of us who are particularly prone to tooth decay can benefit from a stronger prescription formula. Dentists also offer in office fluoride treatments for extra added protection.

The fact is that once tooth enamel is worn away it will not renew itself and nothing can bring it back. It can however, be preserved and protected from the abrasive forces that cause damage. Take advantage of the dentist recommended products that have been proven successful in safeguarding the strength of our tooth enamel.

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