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Early Detection Leads To Successful Treatment

Methods of prevention are key to good dental health but early detection is also important. We can thank the technological advancements that the dental industry has been able to take advantage of for the fact that dentists are now able to identify a developing cavity, or diagnosis the early stage of gum disease before these issues can become something more significant. The longer a dental disease is left to fester, the more extensive the treatment procedure will be.

Digital x-rays and oral cameras are two of the most effective innovations available to dentists today. Images produced on the computer monitors that are part of the digital x-ray system can be viewed by both the dentist and his patient, allowing for a more clear and precise understanding of a problem area and the recommended treatment plan. The technology drastically reduces the amount of radiation exposure to patients.

An intraoral camera is a device that dentists use to get a close up view of the entire oral cavity. The small device scans the mouth with an intense light that is able to magnify the image of a tooth or a part of the gum tissue that may be suspect for disease.

Regular professional care along with good home habits should keep your family on the right path to maintaining good oral health. Schedule your next appointment with Dr. Fana and his experienced team of professionals at Compass Dental. Call 912-417-3306 in Savannah, GA.