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Don’t Risk Serious Infection

Sometimes despite the best efforts of your dentist a tooth that has been damaged beyond repair will have to be extracted in order to avoid further infection. A simple extraction is a comparatively simple procedure thanks to advanced technology and sedation dentistry. It is very important however, to follow pre and post-op instructions to the letter.

If you will be undergoing IV sedation or general anesthesia there will be dietary restrictions to follow before the procedure. You will also need to plan for a friend or relative to provide transportation to and or from your appointment.

For the first 24 hours after the surgery you will want to avoid any physical exertion, just be a couch potato for awhile. You will probably experience some bleeding which you can control by biting down on a wadded up piece of gauze.

The initial phase in the healing process is the formation of a clot at the point of extraction. Your dentist will give you of a list of things to avoid doing that might interfere with the necessary clotting e.g., smoking, drinking through a straw – anything that requires a sucking action.

Any pain associated with a simple extraction should be minimal. Your dentist may suggest an over the counter pain reliever but can also prescribe a stronger medication, just in case you find that you need it.

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