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Don’t Neglect Your Oral Health

Dental phobia is a real phenomena. It is defined as an unreasonable fear about having a dental procedure. Most of us can deal with the minor feelings of anxiety that are associated with going to the dentist but someone suffering from dental phobia can’t conquer their feelings so easily. Instead, they avoid the fear by eliminating the cause – they stop going to the dentist altogether! Obviously a lack of professional care can lead to major dental issues. Oral conscious sedation has greatly benefited those patients who suffer from this kind of anxiety.

A big part of anxiety is the wait before the dreaded event. With oral conscious sedation the patient can be given a sedative in the form of a pill to be taken the night before his scheduled appointment. A second dose of medication will be given just before the procedure is to begin.
Even though oral conscious sedation does allow the patient to remain cognizant during the entire dental procedure he will be asked to arrange for a companion to bring him to the office and drive him home afterward.

The success rate of oral conscious sedation is impressive. Many patients report having no memory whatsoever of their experience in the dental chair.

Dr. Charles Fana of Compass Dental in Savannah, GA is board certified to administer oral conscious sedation. His patients are shown the utmost in care and understanding by a dedicated staff of dental professionals. Call the office @ 912-417-3524.