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As a full-service dental practice, the staff and dentist of Compass Dental® specialize in dentures in Savannah, GA. If you’ve lost all your natural teeth, whether from gum disease, tooth decay or injury, replacing missing teeth will benefit your appearance and your health. That’s because dentures make it easier to eat and speak better than you could without teeth – things that people often take for granted. When you lose all your teeth, facial muscles can sag, making you look older. Dentures can help fill out the appearance of your face and profile. They can be made to closely resemble your natural teeth so that your appearance does not change much. Dentures may even improve the look of your smile.

Full or Partial Dentures?

There are two types of available dentures, full and partial. Full, or complete, dentures are used when all teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when only one or more teeth are missing in an area of the mouth. A partial denture consists of removable replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic base. It connects to your teeth, filling the gaps, to give you a complete and natural looking smile. The best part, with new technology those unsightly metal clasps are gone. No one will know there is anything in your mouth for a completely natural and confident look. Full dentures are made of a plastic base that is colored in order to replicate gum tissue and supports a full set of plastic or porcelain teeth. The traditional full denture is held in the mouth by forming a seal with the gums. Advancements in modern dentistry make dentures more comfortable and natural than ever.

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