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A Dental Hygienist Plays An Important Role

A dental hygienist must be good at multitasking. She will most likely be the first to greet a patient and get him ready for the exam. If it is the patient’s first visit to the office the hygienist will take a complete dental and medical history listing all current medications both prescription and over the counter. These records are essential to the dentist as a source for future reference and as a safeguard against dangerous drug interaction.

Most patients experience some level of anxiety at the thought of seeing the dentist. The hygienist is the one who will squelch their fears and put them at ease. A dental hygienist will be able to tell the difference between a little nervousness and a full blown dental phobia. If she suspects the latter she can alert the dentist who may want to prescribe some type of sedation.

X-rays are important diagnostic tools, they allow the dentist to detect a problem before it can become more serious and harder to treat. Patients will need to have a complete set of x-rays taken at various intervals according to their individual needs. The dental hygienist will take the x-rays and enter the results into the computer for the dentist to study.

Most patients will be scheduled for regular six month checkups which will include a cleaning. The hygienist will clean and polish the patient’s teeth and send him home with a “goodie bag” filled with flossing thread, a new toothbrush and his choice brand of toothpaste.

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