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A healthy smile is a big part of the first impression that you present to others, so it’s no wonder that the manufacturers of teeth whitening products are having such a rush of success. Now it’s easier than ever before to get that brilliant smile.

There are a variety of choices ranging from whitening toothpastes to professional strength in office bleaches. You can buy a complete over the counter whitening kit or you can have whitening trays custom made by your dentist. There are also whitening strips, gels and mouthwashes all claiming to contain some amount of whitening agents. So, which of these methods should you choose?

Not everybody is a good candidate for tooth whitening. If you have had a lot of dental work done or if your teeth are particularly sensitive for instance, you may want to rethink having them whitened. Have your teeth evaluated by your dentist before taking any action.

Don’t expect too much. No matter how you do it, teeth whitening is more of a quick fix rather than a permanent improvement. The bleaching solution will definitely whiten your tooth enamel but unless you give up the foods, drinks and lifestyle habits that tend to stain your teeth they will continue to do so.

If you’re considering some kind of teeth whitening product check with your dentist before going ahead. Make your appointment with Dr. Charles Fana Jr. of Compass Dental in Savannah, GA. Call 912-417-3524 today.