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People have individual reasons for wanting to have their teeth whitened but the desired result is always the same, they want to have a brighter, happier smile.  Cosmetic dentistry has seen a boon in the requests for teeth whitening  treatments over recent years and they have heeded the call.

With so many alternative measures available today it may be hard to choose the one that is most appropriate.  Consider the factors that may influence your choice.  Are your teeth finally showing the discoloration that can come from years of wear and tear?   Maybe you have an important business opportunity coming up, or you want to make an impression on someone new in your life.  Sometimes you just need to do something to raise your self confidence and lift your spirits.  Whatever the reason you should definitely explore the options.

Over the counter products are abundant but because the whitening solutions used in these home kits are less potent they are not as efficient.  A professional strength whitening compound produces a better and longer lasting outcome.  Knowing that you are having the procedure done by a dental professional and in a safe and hygienic environment can be very reassuring.

Charles R. Fana Jr., DMD PC in Savannah, GA offers patients a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures.  You can read about BriteSmile One Hour Whitening for instance, on the website