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Are You Prepared?

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No one can predict when an emergency or accident is going to occur. One way of thinking is not if but when it will happen and to be as prepared as you can be. A dental emergency can be painful for the victim and be frightening for family members or bystanders. As with many emergency situations, immediate attention is essential. With that in mind, dental professionals have come up with some guidelines about what kind of first aid equipment to keep on hand.

A cold compress, for instance, can keep swelling to a minimum. However, you don’t want to have to scavenge around for ice cubes and a clean cloth, time is of the essence. Instead, keep several ready to use disposable cold packs in your emergency supplies kit.

If the trauma is forceful enough to knock out a tooth there will be blood. It’s always risky to expose yourself to someone else’s blood, it’s unhealthy for the accident victim as well. It doesn’t take a minute to slip on a pair of sanitized latex gloves, include them on your list of what to put in your emergency kit. If the victim has taken a fall into the dirt there may be a risk of infection from debris. An alcohol wipe can serve to disinfect the wound area. They come singly wrapped and can be found in the emergency supply aisle of your local drugstore.

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