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Are You A Swisher?

By |November 21st, 2017|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Some people enjoy the tingly feeling that they get after swishing with a minty mouthwash, they even look forward to it. Anything that encourages us to adhere to a home routine for the maintenance of our oral health has to be good, right? Well, just like with most things there are pros and cons associated with the regular use of mouthwash.

First of all, the factor of a fresh breath cannot be ignored but a fluoridated mouthwash can also help to wash away cavity-causing bacteria and an antibacterial formula can aid in the prevention of gum disease. Canker sores are quite painful and can keep us from enjoying our favorite foods and drinks and even keep us from getting the sleep that is so valuable to our overall health. Mouthwash can flush out the bacteria so that the sores can heal more quickly. Which leaves us with the cons.

Although a fresh tasting mouthwash can temporarily eliminate bad breath it is not a cure. Don’t try to cover up chronic halitosis with the excessive use of mouthwash, see your dentist for a professional evaluation. The alcohol in some mouthwashes is what kills off the bacteria that could lead to tooth decay but it can also irritate delicate gum tissue.

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