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29 08, 2017

Your Comfort Is Their Concern

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There’s no reason to feel anxious about an upcoming dental appointment. Thanks to the decidedly developed technology in the field things like high speed radiology, oral cameras and sedation dentistry have taken the dread out of going to the dentist. Many procedures can now be done with little or no local anesthetic and the time [...]

16 08, 2017

Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

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Oral dental sedation has made a huge difference in the field of modern dentistry. People who have neglected their oral health because of an overwhelming fear of having a painful experience or the prospect of having to go through a series of time consuming dental appointments can now put those issues to rest. No one [...]

15 08, 2017

We All Need Protection

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An in-office fluoride treatment is commonly thought of as a procedure for a child who is particularly cavity prone but fluoride protects against tooth decay at any age. It also works to relieve acute tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity increases when the protective coating of enamel starts to deteriorate or when gum tissue starts to separate [...]

8 08, 2017

Has Something Changed?

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The cause of your tooth sensitivity may be determined in part by the type of pain you are experiencing. Your dentist will ask you to describe your feelings so that he can use what is known as “differential diagnosis” to rule out the possible causes one by one. This process of elimination will lead to [...]