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27 06, 2017

Consult With Your Dentist First

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A healthy smile is a big part of the first impression that you present to others, so it’s no wonder that the manufacturers of teeth whitening products are having such a rush of success. Now it’s easier than ever before to get that brilliant smile. There are a variety of choices ranging from whitening toothpastes [...]

20 06, 2017

Patient Concerns Take Precedence

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Among the top priorities for people who are trying to find a permanent dental home for themselves or their family members will be the credentials of the dental professionals, their experience and the patient reviews of the practice. The efficiency of the office staff however, will also count for a lot. People are busy. They’re [...]

6 06, 2017

Don’t Neglect Your Oral Health

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Dental phobia is a real phenomena. It is defined as an unreasonable fear about having a dental procedure. Most of us can deal with the minor feelings of anxiety that are associated with going to the dentist but someone suffering from dental phobia can’t conquer their feelings so easily. Instead, they avoid the fear by [...]